History of The Name of Jakarta

Nama : Sulia Utami

NPM   : 26210732

Kelas   : 3EB17


      Jakarta began its history as a small harbor town called Sunda Kelapa Hindu kingdom in the days of Padjadjaran. They came came from Malacca in 1522 as a messenger of the Governor of Malacca, to establish a fort near the mouth of the Ciliwung river. In 1527 the Portuguese returned with a small fleet of Sunda Kelapa without knowing that it had fallen into the hands of Fatahillah. Then came the battle that was won by Fatahillah, a new name for Sunda Kelapa: Jayakarta, which means complete victory “. Incident that occurred on June 22, 1527, which ultimately serve as the anniversary of the city.

      In 1596 the Dutch first came to Jayakarta led by Cornelis de Houtman. Then they established the VOC in 1602. In 1619 by Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Jayakarta razed to the ground and built a new city called Batavia. The city subsequently expanded and became the center of the Dutch government. After Batavia fell into the hands of Japan in 1942, its name changed to Jakarta. After Independence in 1945, Jakarta established as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. Township in 1950 under the leadership of a mayor. In 1964 the provincial level and the elevated status called Jakarta Special Capital Region (DKI) under the leadership of Governor.


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