Assignment 3

Nama : Sulia Utami

NPM   : 26210732

Kelas   : 3EB17



1. Beautiful (adj)

Risky met a beautiful girl in the bookstore

2. Beauty (n)

Rudy likes the girl who has a natural beauty

3. Beautifully (adv)

Nina makes a painting beautifully

4. Beautify (v)

The red dress has been beautifying Nisa’s appearance

5. Good (adj)

Lala is a good student in class

6. Goodness (n)

True goodness comes from the heart

7. Well (adv)

She learns an English very well

8. Fast (adj)

Plane is the fastest machine in the world

9. Fastness (n)

The fastness of this car is 1000 miles per hour

10. Fast (adv)

Didi will spend this food very fast

11. Fasten (v)

Rani will fasten her birthday party tomorrow

12. Sharp (adj)

Sharks have sharp teeth for biting food

13. Sharpness (n)

They examined the object with great sharpness and accuracy

14. Sharply (adv)

They looked at my face sharply

15. Sharpen (v)

Tari sharpens a knife for cutting fruits

16. Quick (adj)

Metro TV will report about quick count for Jakarta gubernatorial election

17. Quickness (n)

Lion can run at quickness of 10 miles per second

18. Quickly (adv)

Yola complete all its tasks quickly

19. Quicken (v)

Doni will not quicken the ball game schdule



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