Assignment 1

Nama : Sulia Utami

NPM   : 26210732

Kelas   : 3EB17



Make 5 long sentences which contain of noun, verb, adjective and adverb

1. He got a new car from his father last night.

Got                  = Verb

New                = Adjective

Car                  = Noun

Last night        = Adverb

2. My young sister goes to school by motorcycle everyday.

Young             = Adjective

Goes                = Verb

Motorcycle      = Noun

Everyday         = Adverb

3. Yuna will take the souvenir at Asemka near the Mangga Dua.

Take                = Verb

Souvenir          = Noun

At Asemka      = Adverb

Near                = Adjective

4. Niken has found a funny cat on the road.

Found              = Verb

Funny             = Adjective

Cat                  = Noun

On the road     = Adverb

5. You had born a sweet baby in the hospital two days ago.

Born                = Verb

Sweet              = Adjective

Baby                = Noun

In the hospital             = Adverb


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